Meet Sonr: Everyday P2P Identity
Jan 22, 2022

Meet Sonr: Everyday P2P Identity

We are pleased to Announce our Decentralized Identity and Data Delivery System - Sonr.

Late on a Wednesday night in Fall of 2021, Prad Nukala was playing COD: Warzone during the peak of the pandemic. While playing a match during Season 2, he encountered a bug where teammates were unable to speak in Party Chat together.

This led him down a long rabbit hole in attempts to recreate an alternative P2P chat system - eventually leading to the discovery of libp2p. After some further research, the development process began to create a universal delivery protocol to seamlessly send data between any two devices.

Immediate Project Plan

File & Contact Sharing App

This documentation site built using Contentlayer.


Data Delivery Protocol

The marketing site with landing pages.


L1 Blockchain & Utility Token

The dashboard with auth and subscriptions.


Long-Term Mission & Goals

  • Experience, Compliance, and Interoperability
  • Prioitize Retail consumers by simplifying user onboarding and intents
  • Abstract away complexity, need for education, and foreign technology
  • Enable seamless payment streams with cryptocurrencies
  • Steward adoption of a fully decentralized tech stack
  • Adopt the latest standards in web security and cryptography

Announcing our $4.7M Seed Round

We closed our Seed fundraising round January 2022 led by Shima Capital, and joined by Sequoia Capital, Accel, Coatue, AlphaSense Capital, and Battery Ventures. We plan to use this capital to accomplish the following milestones:

  1. Finish Development of the Data Delivery Protocol (Highway)
  2. Design sound USA Regulation Compliant Token Economics ($SNR)
  3. Create and build a L1 Blockchain specifically for Identity
  4. Deploy a private devent to developers

UPDATED 2024-03-15