A Vision for Crypto User Experience
Apr 10, 2023

A Vision for Crypto User Experience

Sonr chose the Cosmos SDK as the foundation for its decentralized identity platform due to its modular architecture, interoperability, and security features.

Here at Sonr we are big fans of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. His ability tio make technology accessible to the average consumer is something we desperately need in the crypto space. Luckily, his strategy is something we can emulate by following the methodology of “Crossing the Chasm” by Geoffrey Moore.

Why are Crypto Apps Different?

Web3 applications are far from ready to be able to handle adoption from the critical masses. Between cumbersome onboarding and protocol-level security vulnerabilities - one could be quick to write off crypto from ever having an ‘Apple-like’ experience.

  1. Seed Phrases & Passwords - The first thing a user is greeted with is a 12-word seed phrase. Creating a huge barrier to entry for the average consumer.

  2. Chrome wallets - The need to have a Browser Extension to interact with the blockchain is unfeasible at scale.

  3. Cross-chain Bridges - The sheer complexity of moving assets between chains is a nightmare for the average user.

How can we fix this?

After countless hours of research and development, coupled with the valuable feedback received from our community - our team has devised a sustainable framework for seamless decentralized experiences.

  1. MPC and Passkeys - We have implemented a Multi-Party Computation (MPC) based wallet which is authenticated by any Passkey created by Websites integrated with Sonr.

  2. Dynamic HTMX Rendering - We built a dynamic rendering engine that can use simple REST APIs to display Wallet interactions on any website.

  3. IBC Protocol - A User’s Sonr Identity functions as an Interchain Account Controller, allowing for seamless asset transfers between chains.

Our Fine-Tuned Approach

  • Build the Network vertically for tight protocol-level integration with the Blockchain
  • Ensure seamless integration with existing websites by building Client SDKs for Developers
  • Establish trust by adopting the latest compliant standards from W3C