Your Right to Govern Digital Identity
May 20, 2022

Your Right to Govern Digital Identity

Since the internet has been introduced in the late 90's - the deviation from Tim Berners Lee's original vision has let to the abuse and mismanagement of user account data.

At the end of the day a blockchain is simply a robust distributed database which uses type validation in order to create rewards which incentivize participation during data synchronization. - Prad.

The Sonr Blockchain

Our team understood early on it would be far too much of an undertaking to create a Proprietary Layer-1 while also building a decentralized identity solution. For this reason we chose the Cosmos SDK as the foundation of our architecture, and plan to integrate with the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol in order to allow for the easy transfer of assets and messages between different blockchains.

  • Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS): Reduces the barrier to entry for staking. Enabling users to have voting power over future improvements
  • Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC): Removes the need to utilize a bridge to transfer assets and messages between different blockchains
  • Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS): Allows for the universal resolution of off-chain Key Vaults, removing central bottlenecks.
  • Decentralized Identifiers (DID): The formal spec from the maintainers of the Internet (W3C), which defines guidelines for service-user operations without a centralized authority.

Token Supply & Distribution

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Becoming a Digital Citizen

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